Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby Nicole

We welcome the newest member of the family...Nicole Dizon Balolot, a beautiful angel of my sister. Nicole was born last August 06 at around 8 in the morming via ceasarian section. I do not exactly know how much she weighs and some other details, what's important is that my niece is perfectly fine when she came out and she is truly beautiful.

When I gave birth to CJ & Acey, my sister was at my side and treated my kids like her own. This explains the reason why my kids love her so much and look up to her. I really think is the perfect time for me to give back the favor. They will stay here for few months, after that, they'll fly back to Qatar to where my sister & her hubby are working.


DanaDebbie said...

Beautiful baby! Another wonderful blessing in your family!! Congratulations to your sister and to the whole family!!

Rocks said...

Congratulations to your sister! what a wonderful gift from above. :)

FreEzEBoX said...

wow, what a cute baby... hopefully someday i have one.. :)