Monday, August 25, 2008

An Easy Way to Relax

I bought oil burner, lavender scented oil & candles in SM Clark 2 weeks ago. It’s only during my days off that me & my kids get the chance to sleep together in our little apartment since I’m on graveyard shift on weekdays.

At night at exactly 8pm during my days off, I would lit the candle inside the oil burner and put a few drops of lavander oil and at the same time turn on the aircondition. After an hour, I would invite my kids to sleep and everytime we enter the room, oh boy!...the relaxing ambience is awesome.

Sleeping has been my problem. I feel restless for the past months, especially when the construction of my house started and now I’m experiencing financial problems, thinking of ways how to buy everything needed for finishings.

Since I started the oil therapy (which I got the idea from Footsies Spa Salon when I had my footscrub there), I get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, I feel relaxed and my body is conditioned to face any challenges for the day.

I recommend this idea to my fellow moms, especially working moms to try this at least twice a week or anytime they need to lighten up. Eucalyptus oil is great too.


Rocks said...

this sounds nice :) try ko nga din in our room. thanks..thanks!

Imelda said...

i will try this sis.

Minette Rivera said...

Wow Jo. So relaxing cguru pin ne. =)

tnapay said...

jo, try ke pa ini. thanks :)

WeblogLearner said...

Hmmm..worth trying.

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Sexy Russian Girl said...

nice post... ano naman kaya ang sunod?

nelson said...

hmmm... maybe i should try that...