Monday, August 11, 2008

Foot Spa

I just had a relaxing foot spa in Footsies spa salon along Pandan road, few meters away from my parents house. Supposedly, my daughter and I will be watching “A Very Special Love” after school but I have to settle my last payment for my house construction. So my sister and I went to the bank before lunchtime and went to different money changing outlet. Unfortunately, they all offer low exchange rate…grrrr. After meeting the architech and handed the money, I decided to go for a footspa. I felt immediately relaxed because of the aroma coming from the peppermint oil circling inside the receiving area. The spa therapist was very good, after the foot scrub and spa, she gave me a back massage that made me decide to come back for a whole body massage. My friend Josielyn told me that Swedish massage is a lot better than the full body whitening scrub that we had previously.

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