Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MYA & An Amazing New You

The FHM Philippines will feature the 100 sexiest women in their July issue, the alluring Cristine Reyes is on top of the list. On the cover is one hot mama Aubrey Miles wearing nothing except for a handshped mud to cover her breast. Aubrey Miles gave birth to her son with Troy Montero few months ago but her shape will make all other women insecure. You may say she is gifted for having flat abs even after giving birth but Aubrey must admit she did her part to maintain a sexy figure. She probably exercise regularly and watch the food she eats.

On the contrary, it is impossible for other women to regain their original figure after giving birth and some celebrities like Claudine Baretto will consult cosmetic surgeons. I told myself I will never undergo cosmetic surgery just to achieve a celebrity like figure if I happen to have the money. However, my decision will be different if MYA Cosmetic Surgery will handle my breast uplift and tummy tuck and other physical improvements. MYA employs skilled & professional surgeons, furthermore, this company is well known & respected in the field of cosmetic surgery, therefore, I am confident I'm in good hands and ready to see an amazing new me.

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