Monday, July 6, 2009

Select the Best Insurance Plan

Or company is under a different management for more than two years now, since then, there were changes in the benefit and compensation package, honestly and admittedly, the previous management is a lot better than the current one in terms of benefits, compensation & trainings. Every quarter, as employees, we are requested to fill out the Employee Satisfaction Survey so the management would know how & where to improve.

Everytime I do the survey, I always say not to change our current health insurance started by the previous management. I am happy and contented with the comprehensive health coverage we are getting from the health insurance we have now. Believe it or not, some employees decided to stay in the company just because of the health insurance being provided by the company because our family or dependents are also covered. If your spouse or one of your kids get sick, you immediately bring them to the doctor or nearest hospital without having to worry of paying the hospital bills, furthermore, medicines amounting to a maximum of five thousand pesos is also part of the package even if it is just out patient.

A couple of months from now, our health insurance coverage will expire and I’m hoping the management will decide to renew the contract on the same health insurance company, otherwise, they should devote time in the health insurance plan selection & comparison process to make a wise decision.

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