Monday, July 6, 2009

Web Directories

The main reason why I engage in blogging is to generate extra income. I envy my officemates earning extra bucks doing article writing, however, since I do not have much time I can dedicate in article writing, I tried to discover another means of augmenting my income and there I found out about paid blogging. I signed up with blogspot and started posting everyday, met a lot of people and made friends. I also signed up with different blogging directories. However, I noticed no matter how updated I am with my blog, still, I seldom receive projects or opps and this is quite frustrating.

There are bloggers who would unselfishly share tips on how you can optimize your page rank which is one factor in order for you to get projects or opps and earn. It is suggested you visit other blogs or websites and exchange links with them, another and the best way is to submit your blog or website in web directories. Fortunately, you don’t have to shell out some cash just to sign up with web directories because there are free web directories you can find in the internet, it’s a matter of choosing the best web directories even if it is for free.

I chanced upon Jasmine Directory, a powerful and efficient business web directory. Submitting your blog or website in web directories is an effective mechanism to reach the widest range of visitors possible. At Jasmine Directory each link is thoroughly researched and must adhere to a strict and demanding criteria of information fluency and currency. Information and topics are well organized through categories for easy and faster access.

Please note there are also commonly used web directories you can register to, one example of which is Yahoo directory and

You may not know the advantage and usefulness of registering your website to web directories until you try it yourself.


mariz said...

hi, i am wondering if you could help me how to earn money thru blogging? I am really interested too.. wish u could give me some details or info's.. I am lookin to hear from you...
here is my link

egat said...
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mariz said...

looking 4ward i mean

AiDiSan said...

Hi Mariz...I am trying to reply to your inquiry in your blog, however, everytime I click post comment in one your post, there is no space provided for me to write something.

I suggest you sign up with & and wait for projects or opps, from there you'll start earning

DebbieDana said...

Blogging really helps alot of people not only having extra income, but getting to know friends from all over the world as well!!

Debbie :)

Ria said...

Very true :) Happy Saturday!

It's My Party

In My Home

Cyra Miles Valdez said...

I tried that too.. but I am not quite fortunate to land projects.. :)

rosy said...

Your blog is really cool! I will wait when you finish. Thank you for interesting articles.
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