Friday, June 4, 2010

ZAPATA's again

As promised, I'm making a post about the dinner I had with my college friends. My girlfriends are fond of Korean food, something I can eat also but can't trade with Italian and Mexican food. I went with them one time to have lunch in a Korean Resto around friendship, I enjoyed it but not as much I enjoy my favorite Italian & Mexican food.

I told Michelle how delicious and tempting the Mexican servings in Zapata's, Josielyn second the motion. Michelle who happened to be a food lover and "let me try all" person like me, got curious and really made sure to dine in Zapata's was part of her itinerary in going here last Saturday when she visited her OB Gyne for a repeat papsmear. Imagine she had to travel all the way from Bangued Abra just to try the quesadillas and fajitas from Zapata's.

The Enchiladas Norte is a new discovery. I ask the waitress what menu she can suggest, something she can consider one of their best sellers and quickly suggested the enchiladas norte. A strips of breast chicken fillet wrapped in a tortilla served with Mexi rice. It was "oh so good" bite it with closed eyes while you relish it! Perfect! I'm actually craving for it as I write this post...wheeew!

Of course, this post is not complete without pictures taken during our dinner in Zapata's. Enjoy viewing them.


CoLine said...

Their Enchiladas are the best! ☺ I wanna go back and have dinner there again.

nelson said...

Im looking forward to checking out Zapata's when we go for vacation later this year!

AiDiSan said...

@Coline...yes coline, we'll have dinner again in Zapata's one of these

@nelson...i highly recommend Zapata's, bring your wife & Inigo with you, i'm sure they will like there too