Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweet Treats on Father's Day

Aside from sending hubby a heartfelt father's day message in Facebook, I wanted to make him feel it’s really a special day for him so I ordered a father's day cake for him (for my dad and brother as well) even if he can’t have a taste of it since he’s several miles away.

It was a pre ordered cake, I was undecided what design I like, I just told Annali (the cake maker) any design for as long as the phrase “Happy Father’s Day!” is written on it. I was delighted to see the design of the cake, simple and cute. The icing or the sugar paste is not too thick so you can tolerate the sweetness coming from the sugar and most of all, we love how super moist the cake was.

I also made mango sago dessert. I ‘ve been wanting to do this last summer while mango fruit is in season, perfect dessert on a humid day but I had a hard time looking for sago (Acey calls it baby sago). When finally I was able to buy sago and found the easiest cooking directions in google, I lost the momentum doing it.

While buying ingredients for the pasta I brought in my brother-in-laws despidida party last Saturday, I also bought readily peeled and sliced mangoes. I have ready ingredients so there was no excuse for me not to make mango dessert. My family enjoyed and loved it!

Belated Happy Father's Day to all Wonderful Dads out there!!!


CoLine said...

Belated Happy Father's day to fafa John!

the mango sago looks really creamy! yumm, comeback to GY shift so that you could make one for us too! hahaha! miss you! muah♥

AiDiSan said...

hi coline,

i'll be back on GY for just one shift next week, surprise when...naks. i'm gonna bring something for you guys. see you soon:)

juliana said...

how sweet naman.

thanks sis for dropping by and for the good wishes you left on my blog. yes,we're enjoying our vacation so far here at the French Riviera.


I Like To Cook 222 said...

That's such a sweet idea!