Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Wedding

June 08 was my brother in-law's wedding with his long time girlfriend Ria. Clark, the youngest among 6 male siblings (hubby is the second to youngest) finally tied the knot. I thought he's not gonna marry anymore after breaking up with his previous girlfriend for 8 years. Clark intentionally did not get marry early because he devoted his time taking care of their grandmother and my mom -in-law, who both passed away 4 years ago.

Time, money and effort were spent during the preparation, not to mention, stress was also experienced. I brought CJ and Acey to the place where gowns and barongs were rented month before the much awaited occasion for their measurements to allow the dressmaker finish the barong and gown on time. Despite that, we were only able to get the barong and gown a day before the wedding. Acey has to fit the gown 3 times before they can finally get the perfect measurement...stressful isn't it?

I am happy that the wedding was an enormous success. Everything was perfect from the wedding ceremony to the wedding reception. The audio visual presentations showing the old pictures of my in-laws with Clark when he was still a kid and the video message (which is my idea) from my hubby who's in Qatar suprised the groom and made him teary eyed.

I can assure the bride she's in good hands and Clark will be an ideal husband. I say this not because he's my brother-in-law but simply because I witnessed how loving he is as a son and brother, how considerate he is as a brother in-law and affectionate as uncle to his nephews and nieces.

I wish the newlywed happiness and more wonderful years together.

Now, take a look at the photos taken during the wedding.

with my kids

me and my good looking son CJ

me with my lovely daughter Acey

Acey, as the little bride, holding the bouquet of the bride

Acey marched in the wedding isle to meet the bride and hand over the bouquet

bride and groom...Clark and Ria


CoLine said...

You really look pretty specially the kids! What else can I say, they're really lucky for having good genes.Right mommy? Congratulations and Best wishes to Clark and Ria!

AiDiSan said...

Thanks for the very nice comment Coline. I really spent time, money & effort so that my kids and I will really look good on that occassion, para di naman mapahiya si papa Jogn and I guess I succeeded:)

nelson said...

wow gorgeous family! nice pictures! thanks for sharing!