Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Highschool Batchmates

I was in Makati together with my son CJ and my brother in law the whole day last Saturday for something and I'll blog about it next time. We got home at 6pm, I rested for an hour and prepared to go to work. I had second thought of leaving because I haven't slept and was obviously tired from the Makati trip but I thought of the meeting regarding our grand reunion of my highschool batchmates we scheduled a month ago. I filed an undertime so I could attend the meeting before heading to work.

The meeting was at 7pm in Starbucks, I got to the venue 30 minutes late. I felt good seeing old classmates and batchmates. It was a productive meeting, we were able to tackle a lot of topics related to the grand reunion that will happen December of this year. We look forward to seeing other batchmates who will be coming home for this anticipated event. Everyone was free to give their suggestions to make the grand reunion unforgettable and enjoyable. One thing we considered is for our batchmates living or working abroad to realize it was worth coming home for the reunion.

I decided to take an active participation in organizing our grand reunion and I look forward to the next meeting.


ChinaDoll said...

You just gave me an idea to blog about our High School reunion last December..but that would be a super duper late post..hmmnn will think about it though :)

AiDiSan said...

Hi Chinadoll,

It's never too late to blog about your highschool reunion. The fact the you got the chance to attend the reunion and meet your former classmates and batchmates you haven't seen in a long time is worth sharing.

Cielo said...

Just have our mini reunion with HS friends...it is always nice to meet new friends, but we should always keep old ones..masarap kasama yung mga taong nakalakihan na di ba sis...kasama mo nung pareparehas pa kayong mga carefree...

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AiDiSan said...

@Cielo... I so agree with you Sis, imagine it's been 20 years since we graduated in highschool, bilis talaga ng panahon. Thanks for the comment:)