Thursday, March 24, 2011

School Year 2010 is Over

Today is the last day of the final exams of my kids. I am very happy simply knowing that summer vacation is here. I can watch TV late at night during weekends especially on Sundays without having to worry of waking up early the next day. This also means a little savings because my list of grocery items will be lessened.

However, after a month, I have to think of the enrollment of my kids. My hubby and I have equal share in the school expenses of our kids. In as much as I want to make full payment of their tuition fees, the budget is not enough, unless the loanable amount I get from Home Mutual Development Fund (HDMF) is bigger this time. Yes, I do avail of the multi purpose loan every year from the said entity to accommodate my kids' school expenses such as tuition fees, school supplies etc.

I will head to HDMF office second week of April to file my loan application. It is such a hassle to go to their office but I don’t have any choice. How I wish the loan application can be done online, afterall, HDMF has a website where answer to basic inquiries about their services can be found, might as well use that website when filing for loan application. This is one ultimate improvement HDMF should take into consideration…enabling their members file loan application or loan mortgage refinance in just one click.


Sey said...

Sending kids to school is really expensive. That's why I appreciate the efforts my parent's in sending me to school.

After 2 months you'll be back to waking up early and adding more food on your grocery list but at least you have 2 months to let the pocket rest.

AiDiSan said...

Hi Sey,

I agree with everything you is so expensive but because I witnessed the hard work of my parents just to send and my siblings to school, I wanna make sure I do the same for my kids

mayen said...

I salute parents like you who really take extra mile to send their children to school. I know people who don’t care whether their children get good education or not. It’s making me sad.

Just like sey, I'll always be thankful to my parents for making sure I get good education. Someday your children will appreciate you as much! Enjoy your couple of months of rest.

AiDiSan said...

Hi Mayen,

Thank you so much for that touching and hartwarming comment, you really made me feel appreciated!