Friday, March 25, 2011

No to Unwanted Mails

In this age of computer and internet, we can easily get in touch with family, friends and relatives via email or chat. Gone are the days when you write someone dear to you a letter and send it via snail mail and the recipient will have to wait for several days to get a hold of that letter. Computer and internet will help you write a message to your loved ones and have it delivered as soon as you click on the send button.

The disadvantage of high technology is, it's so easy for someone or an organization to get your information and as a result you experience getting unwanted emails in your mailbox, not only that, you also get unwanted mails and catalogs in your physical mailbox.

Once in a while, I get calls from a marketer for some sales pitch usually from phone companies that offers a phone line, internet service and a mobile unit as one package. I’ll be straightforward and tell the representative I am not interested but because he was trained to do hard pitch, he will make several attempts until he can sense I am already annoyed and will hung up anytime. To avoid this from happening, I stumbled upon Catalog Choice that will help get rid of unwanted mails, they can also work on unlisting your name from phonebooks to stop receiving unwanted mails from your physical mailbox. This is simply awesome!


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