Thursday, January 19, 2012

Party!!! Party!!!

I know it's too late to share anything about the previous holiday season, still, I want to write about how our department celebrated our Christmas Party.

In December 2010,  we had our Christmas Party in Century Hotel, Angeles City. We agreed to wear black although few of our fellow Analysts wore a different color outfit. But that is totally fine, their presence is what really matters. The food was okay but not that spectacular. We had games and so much FUN!!!

On the contrary, the party food we had in our December 2011 Christmas party became the highlight of the night care of K Cafe, who happens to be the owner of the famous Shanghai Restaurant in Balibago, Angeles City. Oh so yummy! is all we can utter during dinner...savoring every bite!

I just realized that I've been hosting our department's Christmas party for three consecutive years now. Hosting is exhausting but you will never feel such when everyone truly enjoys the moment! I don't mind doing it again and again.

QA Christmas Party 2010

QA Christmas Party 2011


Sey said...

hey it's been a while. Yes, better late than never. You guys look gorgeous. My heart swells while reading your post. There is the Pink Chinadoll and it's Pampanga, my home!

You are very industrious. I agree it's exhausting but the happiness you brought to everyone is worth the tiring day.

mayen said...

hello dear... looks like a really great party. everybody is smiling. thanks for your comment on my post. I'll never get tired of reading your blog as well even if you decide to hide from time to time.. hehe..

More blessings for you this year!

Marj said...

Jo, excited ka. 2012 ya akabit mu ketang metung. Mamaligwa naka man eh. Haha! I miss blogging! Atin kung pending post na dapat last jan 1 ya pa. Oh well... Lol

ChinaDoll said...

Our 2011 Christmas party was a blast...everybody enjoyed the games, the food and of course the pictorial! Hopefully you'll still be the host for this year's party. :)

AiDiSan said...

@Sey...hi Sey, I'm back to blogging. Even if I was on hiatus, I still read your blog, Im trying to figure out now how to write comment, seems like the comment filed is missing eact time I click on it.

@Mayen...thanks Girl. I will be a constant reader and commenter of your blog, promise!

@Marj...sensya na sa dates. we're not getting any younger hahaha. will always be my pleasure to host our xmas party this year and the years to come.

nelsonRN said...

You all look fab!
Nice party! thanks for sharing :)