Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Family Sunday Snack

I was so in the mood last Sunday to cook merienda for the family.  I still have 500 gram pack of Fettucini noodles, spaghetti and pizza sauce and queso de bola from previous holiday season so I decided to buy ham slices, ground lean pork, quickmelt cheese and baguette from last Saturday's grocery shopping.

I started cooking at 3pm and ended at 4pm. The kids love the pizza baguette, each consumed around 3 to 4 baguette plus pasta. We were so full that afternoon and we forgot to eat dinner. The kids just had cereals with lots of milk in it an hour before bedtime.

sorry for the poor resolution, i just used my samsung mobile, hope it still looks yummy!

What is your Family's favorite Sunday merienda?


ChinaDoll said...

This really looks yummy! Im wishing you could bring some in the office too! hihihi...My favorite Sunday afternoon merienda is simple - ice cream hehehe :)

AiDiSan said...

Hi Chinadoll,

I'm trying to learn to make spinach spread tha will be perfect for baguette, once successful, i'll definitely bring some in the office.

I love ice cream too:)

mayen said...

wow, how delicious. wala kaming particular na favorite for merienda. Kahit ano lang. haha.. but mostly cake or anything sweet.

AiDiSan said...

Hi Mayen,

Thanks for the comment. Cakes & ice cream are my favorites!!!

nelsonRN said...

i love pizza baguettes.
my fave snack is ginataang mais :)