Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What's Cooking?

I started learning to cook only last year when my sister and her fiance' (who is now her husband) stayed with us for almost a year. My specialty are beef caldereta, chopsuey, pork stir fry, children spaghetti & deviled eggs. I'm good at doing mango graham cake and no bake blueberry cheesecake.

I love watching cooking shows when I was younger until now. I remember watching Nora Daza and Sylvia Reynoso Galang plus Heny Sison. I like the cooking techniques that Heny Sison would share to her loyal audience in her now defunct cooking show "A Taste of Life".

Currently, I'm hooked watching Chef On The Go of Rob Pengson from QTV 11 every Sunday. There are probably few episodes that I missed but I make it a point that I'm done with everything before 7pm on Sundays to catch my latest fave cooking show. Rob Pengson is now popular with his commercials such as Tropicana juice drink and KFC. His fans are requesting a website for Chef On The Go to unveil the recipes featured on the show and according to him, it's now on the planning stage.

I realized that cooking is like experimenting. One recipe like adobo can be cooked in different ways. My hubby loves the recycled fish fillet I cooked for him when he was vacationing. A good cook for me is someone who knows how to recycle, someone who can turn left overs into an appetizing and stomach satisfying recipe.

Kids love to eat canned goods such as spam, luncheon meat or corned beef. Leftover spam or luncheon meat can be sliced into pieces, you can then produce fried rice, just sprinkled it with maggi savor. You can cook omellete for unconsumed corned beef.

I am contemplating on taking up basic baking class middle of next year. One of my dream is to have my own bakeshop one day. Being an employee is not forever. I want baking to be my fallback. If I have time, I'll make yemas I could sell to my officemates, this could be the start and why not?!?!?

My sister and her husband will be arriving tomorrow and will be staying with us. I promised my sister that I'll cook caldereta for their lunch. I also listed some recipes I will be preparing during their stay. Whew!!! it's time to show them my improved cooking ability.

By the way, I will add a page element here in my blog to enumerate the cooking websites I frequently visit in the coming days. Free feel to access them once available.

Bon Appettit!

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bobotski said...

hi... my first time in your site... found your blogs about food really interesting so please write some more!!! thanks! btw, i'm a husband who loves to cook for my wife :)