Saturday, December 1, 2007


The first time I tried making yemas was unsuccessful. It was sticky and I can’t form it into ball. When I was cooking it, I turned off the stove when it started becoming thick. My friend Michelle told me it wasn’t cook yet which explains why the yema mixture was sticky.

This afternoon I tried making yemas again. Once the yema mixture started to boil, I kept stirring it and didn’t turn off the fire until the mixture would stick on the pan which is a indicator that it’s already cook. After cooling it for more than an hour, I started shaping it into balls and my daughter Acey help me by spreading the colored cellophane on the table which made the task effortless and hasty.

Enjoy the pix below.


alpha said...

hi aidi! aidi, right? pls correct me if i'm wrong ha.. thanks for linking me up.. i'll include you in my list as well:D

Malinesky said...

wow, yummy yema and cute acey!!!