Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Sis & a Student Driver's license

My sister and her hubby arrived last Thursday. I’m so happy to see her again. They’re staying with us. Right now, they’re in Davao to spend Christmas with their in laws but she promised they will celebrate New Year with us.

She brought the Christmas gifts that John has for me and his kids. A toy laptop for Acey, celfone for CJ (I forgot the unit)and cash gift for me…hehehe, anyway my sister gave me my long time dream Clinique Happy perfume.Though the kids already have a clue on what gift they have from their Dada, still, I wrapped them nicely. Now my Christmas tree has gifts underneath.

Last Saturday, the whole family had dinner in Ikabud, afterwards, we went to Paskuhan Village which is now called Hilaga in San Fernando Pampanga. There was an ongoing talent singing contest hosted by stand up commedians. My mom would laugh so hard with the punchlines of Ara Muna and Jo Mani Yllana. I'm impressed with the voice of the contestant especially the winners. The other stage is being set up for bands but we didn't watch anymore.

On a different note, I accompanied my brother in law in Land Transportation Office (LTO) in Dau to acquire a student driver’s license so he could drive my brother’s box type car while they are vacationing here and guess what?!?!? I also obtained my own student license…yipeeee and I really wish I can drive…hahaha. One of my goals for next year is to learn to drive for so some reasons. My brother recently bought a second hand vehicle and their lancer box type car is just parked in the garage. Going to relatives especially to my in laws commuting is such a hassle especially when you have kids to tag along and when we’re about to go home usually past 8pm, my brother in law is somehow forced to drop us in our house which is completely out of their way. So I realized that I have to learn driving. I know it’s not cheap to enroll in a driving school but come to think of it…I already have my student license and a car I can borrow. I can’t find any reason not to enroll, I’m sure it’s gonna be worth it!

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