Sunday, December 2, 2007


I'm craving for french toast since yesterday. I was supposed to cook one for our merienda but the kids prefer instant pancit canton. I had slice bread with liver spread and tropicana orange juice instead.

This morning, I took one egg, fresh milk and butter from the fridge. Luckily, I still have mc cormick cinnamon powder and gardenia sliced bread. My daughter and I enjoyed the french toast especially when we added a little of pancake maple syrup. I prepared hotdogs and egg for my son CJ because I know for sure he won't eat french toast, he's so picky and likes limited kind of food unlike Acey, she eat everything like fish, veggies, sweet, bitter or sour food or anything edible.

I received a text message from my kids favorite uncle Clark, inviting us for lunch, so we're off to my in-laws house in a little while.

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bobotski said...

ei... you gave me ideas about my very plain french toast... next tym i'll add something else on top...