Saturday, November 24, 2007


The field trip yesterday was well organized. Meeting time was at 4am. We were at the meeting place few minutes after the call time 'coz CJ and I had to walk all the way from our house due to unavailability of tricycles. Their school is a few blocks away from where we live. Shortly, we saw 2 buses and a coaster. I immediately approached teacher Maritess to ask which bus we should ride, we were at bus number 2 which was almost filled, first come first serve rule. We have no choice but to occupy the middle row.

We were at expressway around 5:30am and reached Tagaytay Zoo before 9am. CJ was fascinated with different wild animals he saw. It's actually his second time but his gutsy now in approaching animals and have a picture taken with them. The zoo contain limited animals and the foul smell produced by their urine and feces is unbearable. CJ suppressed his breathing when he try get close in their cages.

After nearly 2 hours, we headed to Tagaytag Picnic Grove for our lunch. We then went to the famous Collette store to buy some pasalubong. I bought 2 buko pie for my parents and in laws plus espasol for Ate Nits, my kid's beloved nanny.

Part of the itinerary is a visit to the Nissin Monde Noodle factory, makers of skyflakes biscuits and Lucky Me Pancit Canton. Unfortunately, cameras are not allowed inside the factory. The kids enjoyed the 30 minute plant tour. They witnessed how their favorite lucky me pancit canton is being done. It's the machines deployed doing the job. The factory is huge and tidy, however, there's no enough aircondition especially in the room where preview of the proccess using modern projector was held.

Last destination was Enchanted Kingdom. We were at the famous carnival place at 3pm, good thing it was a gloomy day during the frieldtrip, so there's no heat of the sun to worry while we explore the prominent Enchanted Kingdom. CJ & I rode the roller coaster. When it started, I suppressed myself from screaming so my son won't be scared. After one round, I showed my son 2 thumbs up, congratulating him for overcoming his fear with rides. He continued riding choochoo train, carousel and stone eggs alone.

CJ had a blast with the field trip. He was elated and obviously enjoyed our bonding. His amazement and eagerness is truly my heart's bliss.

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