Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dance With My Father Again

I was chatting with my cousin Riffa the other night. She's the daughter of my Uncle Louie who passed away recently. She misses her dad and felt terribly sad knowin' the fact that her dad will no longer be available to accompany her in the aisle on her wedding day, to hand her over to the man she love. Uncle Louie will never be here towitness the most significant day of her life. But it's not gonna happen yet, my cuz is enjoying her single status. She was thinking that the song "Butterfly Kisses" be played on her wedding march especially dedicated to her dad. I suddenly thought of the song "Dance With My Father Again". Same song was played on the wedding program of my officemate last Saturday to pay tribute to her dad who passed away when she was in college. My cousin hurriedly look for the song in YouTube and listened to it.

The song was composed by Luther Vandross, it was originally "Dance With My Mother Again". It's basically about love and lost. I love the version of Celine Dione, it's simply awesome.

Here's the lyrics:

Verse 1:
Back when I was a child
Before life removed all the innocence
My father would lift me high
And dance with my mother and me and then
Spend me around till I fell asleep
Then up the stairs he would carry me
And I knew for sure I was loved

If I could get another chance
Another walk, another dance with him
I'd play a song that would never ever end
How I'd love love love to dance with my father again

Verse 2:
When I and my mother would disagree
To get my way I would run from her to him
He'd make me laugh just to comfort me(yeah, yeah)
Then finally make me do just what my momma said
Later that night, when I was asleep
He left a dollar under my sheet
Never dreamed that he would be gone from me

If I could steal
One final glance
One final step
One final dance with him
I'd play a song that would never ever end
Cause I'd love love love to dance with my father again

Verse 3:
Sometimes I'd listen outside her door
I'd hear how my mother cried for him
(2x) I'd pray for her even more than me

I know I'm praying for much too much
But could you send back the only man she loved
I know you don't do it usually
But dear Lord she' s dying to dance with my father again

Every night I fall asleep
And this is all I ever dream

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malinesky said...

Thanks for this song. I will look for the original 'mother' version. Thankfully i still got my tatay with us but my nanay already got 'home' 3 years ago. nevertheless, the loss is still there.