Monday, November 26, 2007


Last week, Josielyn informed me that our friend Michelle will be coming over on Saturday. Her main purpose is to head to SM Pampanga to buy stuff for his husband who will be arriving from Qatar first week of December. I decided to join them though I orginally planned to spend my day off with my little girl since I didn't bring her along when her brother and I joined the fieldtrip.

Michelle settled in Abra Province after our college graduation because they have a printing press there and since she is the eldest, she was task to manage the said business. She often go here in Angeles to acquire some printing materials but due to time constraints, she couldn't squeeze in her schedule to pay us a visit. This is why we took advantage of meeting her yesterday, if my memory serves me right, the last time I saw her was during the first birthday party of Josielyn's son in Mc Donald's Dau and that was nearly 5 years ago.

Chelle left Abra at 5 in the morning and arrive in Josielyn's place before 2 pm.We fetch Marilyn in a gasoline station near the expressway. Jo was driving their Delica van. Marilyn and I have misunderstanding for months now but that obliterate swiftly when she immediately approach and kiss me. Friends will always be friends. I can not afford to lose a friendship that I treasured and existed for years already.

We went to SM Pampanga, had our lunch in Pizzahut (oh I love their ceasar salad) and did some shopping. We enjoyed the day big time! We didn't waste our time discussing negative things, all we did was laugh and laugh harder.

We had dinner in TollHouse. It's been years the last time I ate in Tollhouse. This place is famous for it's creamy and delicious baked macaroni which I ordered one for take out and the girls did the same. Their price is affordable which explains why the resto is almost full that night. We ordered steak with gravy that's so mouth watering, appetizing crispy pata and a mongolian barbeque abundant with veggies.

We have scheduled a reunion when our friend Ampy will arrive in December and the bonding that took place yesterday was something unexpected and unplanned.

We look forward to our get together next month which certainly will turn out to be wackier and enjoyable.

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Malinesky said...

jeez, now i am starting to miss all my girl buddies!
You're from pampanga? coz i'm from bulacan. :D