Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So long...Uncle Louie

Today, my uncle Louie’s remains was laid to rest. He died of colon cancer. He’s passing is a bit sudden and has shocked many people close to him especially his siblings.

It all started with a non stop cough and noticeable drop in weight. He is my mother’s younger brother and my mom is his constant companion when going to doctors for consultation and laboratory tests. He was confined in AUF Medical Center in September for several days. A spot in his lungs was discovered, the medicine he was taking isn’t helping him, the unwanted cough continues. His doctor then recommended a bronchoscopy. I remembered accompanying him and my mom in the same hospital when uncle Louie was scheduled to undergo the said procedure. The result didn’t come out on the promised date. They required him urine test for accuracy purposes.

The findings based on the bronchoscopy test was lung cancer. Though my uncle has predicted it, still, it hit him big time. A cancer specialists suggested a chemo therapy to be done ASAP but my father suggested they should consider a second opinion. They immediately went to Lung Center in Manila to see an oncologist. The doctor advised my uncle to undergo series of test before a chemo theraphy to ensure that his cancer cells are not yet scattered in other vital parts of his system.

He had his first chemo last October 22. Two days after, his stomach swelled like a 4 month pregnant woman. He can not urinate & eliminate and his condition detoriorated. He was rushed to Makabali hospital in San Fernando. It was found out that he has cancer in colon not in the lungs and already a terminal stage. The cancer cells spread through in his lungs and liver. He undergone operation and was confined in ICU for a few days and died on Nov. 07.

Uncle Louie is a cooperative and submissive patient. He was willing to spend money and be transferred to better and bigger hospitals but it was too late. I know he’s not ready for his death.

My realization of his untimely death.., even if you have the money to spend for medication, even if you refuse lifelessness, if God wanted you to leave, His will be done. The church consistently reminds us not to fear death. It is both painful to leave your loved ones and let go of someone dear to you but who knows life is better after death.

If I was given the chance to deliver my eulogy for my uncle I would say three words. First, SORRY if at one point, some of his family and relatives we’re not there to comfort him especially during his remaining days. Secondly, THANK YOU for being an inspiration to relatives, friends & family. Truly, he is a father with big dreams for his children, yes, he has done wrong before and maybe hurted his children but nobody is perfect. Lastly, GOODBYE, I pray that God will continue to guide him as he start his journey to eternal life.

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