Sunday, November 18, 2007


I had a great time bonding with my friends Agnes & Elsa yesterday. I finally found a way to get in touch with Agnes through friendster and immediately thought of meeting her & Elsa on my day off which they gladly & excitedly agreed.

I invited them in my little home. I cooked spaghetti and chicken pandan I bought in SM hypermarket. They arrive a little past 2pm. We greeted each other and headed to the dining table afterwards. There was never ending talk, not even a second of dead air. We chatted about many things… husbands, batchmates, highschool & college days.

Agnes is the bubbly type of person. I can not recall a dull moment with this girl. She’ll definitely make you laugh. She has this talent of delivering her punchlines with perfect timing. She narrated to us the times when her husband had an affair and how she dealt with it with audacity. A lot of painful experiences happened to her in the course of time we haven’t communicated. Now, she live her life with happiness and contentment.

Elsa on the otherhand is a simple pretty mom & wife, not much changes physically, still beautiful as ever. We started our friendship in highschool. We belong to different section and Charlie who happen to be my classmate is pursuing Elsa at that time. I became their bridge. When they broke up, Charlie courted me and Agnes was our bridge. I was too young at that time to have a boyfriend so no relationship was formed.

In college, Agnes decided to transfer to another university. Elsa and I were saddened by her choice but we didn’t argue anymore. Elsa had her boyfriend whom I think is her first love. I enjoyed being their friend and chaperone. I would accompany them during valentines day and anniversaries. They surprisingly broke up a year before we finish college. The guy pursued a classmate who happens to be my friend too. That’s when my friendship with Elsa gradually put on halt. We were able to tackle this subject only yesterday after so many years.

I miss the friendship and I am just so glad for the opportunity to reunite with them. Since we have a lot of catching up to do, we decided to go to Didi’s pizza to continue the conversation after my brother fetch my kids. After nearly 2 hours, we decided to call it a night and headed toward our respective homes with smile on our faces.

We promised this won’t be the last. Talking with friends instantly destress me. I love to laugh with them.

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