Thursday, May 15, 2008

Depressing News

When I got home yesterday, I got furious and ballistic. As soon as I entered our house, CJ, my eldest son broke the news to me that his sister Acey was wounded. I saw Acey lying on the sofa with their nanny and I couldn't believe what I saw. There are 2 wounds on her left leg and another small one on her face. I ask the nanny and CJ for an explanation. They said they went to my mom to get our supply of cooked food for that day, on their way back home, Acey was chasing her brother and fell on the rough wood that caused the wound. I didn't spunk any of my kids because there's no use but both my kids including the nanny received an earful from me. I coudn't suppressed my anger at that moment. I'm too disappointed especially to CJ when the nanny told me his misbehaviors when I am not around.

Good thing, I have enough supply of Betadine and bandages kept in our medicine cabinet. I've been taking care of Acey's legs and now this happened. I just hope, it will heal soon and won't leave any type of scars.

On an entirely different note, I got up as early as 4:30 am this morning because my shift is at 6am. Ate Nits (our stay out nanny) arrived before 5:00 am. While I dress up, I heard Ate Nits talking to our neighbors and I thought something must have happened and I was right, a burglar broke inside the newly occupied apartment in front of us. They took the appliances and some valuables, this possibly happened because the couple living in the said apartment are both working and on graveyard shift. This is the first time it happend in our compound and I'm thinking it can happen to us too. I called my mom and after learning the bad news, she wants us to transfer in their house immediately and I can't blame her. Incidents like this can really make you paranoid.


Heidi said...

too bad about Acey... well, things like that happen at least once to children so just chalk it up to one of those inevitable things.

About the other thing, you know that was one of the reasons we left the apartment we were renting before... our neighbor got robbed and the a couple of weeks later a lady attempted to trick Charlie's cousin who was living with us at that time into giving her money. I got so paranoid that I didn't even bother to wait until we finished the remaining period of the months we already paid.

Portia said...

Kids always have disagreements sometimes.hehehehe.but i hope the wound of acey had been okay now.

About burglary, it happens,dear and these bad people should be caught and punish.