Friday, May 23, 2008

The kitchen I like

Hopefully my parents will be able to move to their newly constructed house first week of June when my sister will arrive from Qatar to give birth to her first baby. While I'm in the process of finalizing the floor plan of my own house, I'm surfing the net to check for pictures of the kitchen I visualize and below is the perfect kitchen look for me:

Very simple right? It has to have a nook bar and light colored paint plus the kitchen cabinet on top should allot space for the microwave specifically in the middle.


alpha said...

i like the first one ai.. ako din i want a kitchen like that.. yung sa min, bare pa din e.. la pa budget :D

Prily said...

goodluck,my friend! i am sure you'll gonna make a nice kitchen!

alf said...

nice. simple but elegant. good luck.

Mira said...

I like the layout, nice and simple. The breakfast nook doubles as buffet area when you entertain guests. I agree with you taking appliance off the counter to have more working space. Goodluck!
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