Thursday, May 8, 2008

When Love Begins

My friend Ednalee and I have watched the movie "When Love Begins" last Tuesday after work, starring the forever young looking Aga Muhlach and the reigning box office leading lady Anne Curtis. We were able to catch the 5:05 viewing time.

We bought 4 slices of hawaiian flavored pizza from Pizzahut (2 each) & 2 large size of refreshing Iced Tea from Go Nuts Donuts.

We enjoyed watching the film while relishing the pizza then drink the iced tea.

Life is sooo good.


Portia said...

Wow, nice one,my dear!Aga and Anne look so hot!What an accomplishment for the 2 beautiful faces in the entertainment industry.
And your snack looks yummy!!!hehehehe.....painom sa icetea,ha?hehehehe.

Mira said...

Hey how was the movie? Can't believe Aga is still paired with young girls like Anne Curtis, LOL. He certainly has a baby face. I rarely watch movie in the big screen in US, we always buy or rent dvd's and watch at home. But the last movie I saw with a girlfriend was Juno, it is certainly hilarious. Has it been shown in Manila yet? You should not miss that!
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mari said...

wow! sarap ng merienda with matching aga pa :)

i wish i have someone to watch that movie with... ayaw kasi ni hubby ganyang tagalog kaya ploning naman pinanood namin :)

Mina said...

Hi Jo, good rave sa movie ne? mangapaalbe ku yatang ali oras hahaha...anyway, tag da ka Jo, take time to check my post Tag along: The Fun Part of Blogging.

nelson said...

haay kakapanood lang din namin ng sine ni wifey... life is good indeed...

Imelda said...

Sis, belated happy mothers day. I have a tag for you.