Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pampering Ourselves

My friends and I have planned May 24 to be our summer outing. I agreed I will shoulder the accomodation if in case we decided to stay overnight, this will also serve as my birthday treat to them. However, with continous rains especially in the afternoon for the past weeks because we're already in the rainy season, we have to cancel the said outing. Good thing we didn't make reservations to either Villa Antonina or Villa Alfredo Resort because partial payment or reservation fees are usually non refundable.

Still, Michelle, her kids and company traveled all the way from Abra to Pampanga for 2 reasons. First, to buy materials usually different type of papers to be used in their printing press in Abra. Secondly, girl bonding at least before our kids will go back to school.

Last Saturday, before heading to Josielyn's place to meet the girls, I dropped at a salon in Balibago, Angeles City to have my toenails pedicured, it's been quiet a while since my last pedicure. Can you imagine the cuticle?....eeewww.

We actually do not have specific plans last Saturday, we just want to meet and bond. We thought of pampering ourselves on that day and going to the spa was the best idea. While on the road on the way to Footsies Spa, located in Pandan Road, it rained heavily and the road was flooded, Michelle's brother was our driver, he was a super nice guy and his patience is commendable. Can you imagine driving for 4 crazy woman like us all in one car? LOL.

When the flood subsided and the rain stopped, we went back to Balibago, Angeles City. We had our afternoon snack at DiDi's. We all ate pizza burger except for Marlyn who ordered tacos plus pansit guisado. Afterwards, we transferred to Salon Ambiante. Josielyn had her eyelash extended, the process took an hour. She was happy with the result and the eyelash extension could last 1 to 2 months.

Then we headed to MediSpa. I chose Shiatsu Full body massage but the girls convinced me to have Whitening Full Budy Scrub instead. We also drag Michelle's brother inside the Spa so he could have full body massage so he won't get bored waiting for us. Michelle and I excitedly went inside the massage room while Josielyn & Marlyn were on the room next door. We were instructed to take off our clothes and were given disposable panty. It can't be denied through our actions that we are first timers.

I enjoyed the full body scrub immensely especially the light massage after shower. I promised myself a relaxing massage on my birthday and I'm glad I did. Michelle paid the bill, she's really a generous friend. At home I kept smelling my skin, the scent was so addicting.

The next day, they invited me for a facial treatment but I begged off because I have a prior commitment and I brought my kids to the birthday party of their cousin.


Imelda said...

Sis, thats right we have to unwind and pamper ourselves once on awhile so we wont have grey hairs so easily.

Arlene Tabamo said...

syeeet jo, buhay donya! hihihi.. nyaman ne? :)

NaTzAnGeLiK said...

hi.. added u under aidisan's blog.. please add me too thanks :)

alf said...

gimmicks like this are the best. luv yourself. have a great day.

Prily said...

you need all those pampering,my dear!

Mina said...

kanyaman ing pampering a yan!

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