Monday, May 5, 2008

It was a long today.

I was able to accomplish quiet a lot today.

It’s actually my day off. As early as 9am, I left the house and headed to CJ’s school to get his class card and inquire about the tuition fees & enrollment schedules. I’m happy to find out that he got 85.20 average despite his laziness in doing his assignments and failing grades in several short quizzes. I can’t and don’t want to force him in his studies. As long as he doesn’t have failing grades in any of his subject at the end of every grading period, I’m fine with that. His Math teacher believed that CJ is naturally intelligent, however, he lethargically copy the assignment written on the board, resulting to submission of unfinished homework the next day. But hey, I’m still proud of my son, 85.20 average with 50% seriousness in studies isn’t bad at all…lol.

Afterwards, I headed to UnionBank to deposit small amount in my EON CyberAccount so I could add my debit card information in my PayPal and have verified status account. I’m unimpressed with UnionBank’s service representatives, they’re a bit slow in handling transactions, I got there at 9:45am and left at 10:35am, almost an hour of waiting considering there are only few people depositing or withdrawing money.

I was in Clark Pampanga before 12 noon for my Annual Physical Exam (APE). Every year, all employees undergo APE which is part of our medical benefits. We’ll go through blood test, lab test such as urine & stool exam, X-ray, eye exam & rectal exam (eewww). This is done during employee’s anniversary. As I write this post. I just realized that I’ve been with our company for 8 long years now. I started as Billing Consultant, was transferred to a different department after more than 2 years as Cancellation Specialist. A couple of years after. I got promoted to Senior level at the same time Consultant Support Specialist or CSS. Now, I’m part of the Quality Assurance team and I plan to remain in this department simply because I’m happy with the challenges that comes with my work as QA Analyst and I enjoy every minute I spend with the people in the said department.

When I got home, I saw a mail I’ve been waiting for and it’s from Google Adsense. It contains the PIN I need to enter online in my account in Google Adsense so there won’t be any problem getting my money from them.

I’m delighted knowing the fact that my Google Adsense account is finally okay plus my Paypal account status will become verified in 2 to 3 days…hhmmm… I think I smell money…haha.


Mina said...

Hi Jo,
This was just recent and big momma ka pala nyang Monday lol! Bloghopping ku today Jo, see you tomorrow:)

Imelda said...

sis, how do u earn from adsense? iw ant to earn too.ty for the visit