Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sem Break!

Finally it’s sem break. Now is a time off in doing assignments every night and a temporary pause buying snacks that kids will bring in school, good for my budget. This means less stress and more bonding time with kids.

CJ and Acey will alternately spend time play their PS2 and watch TV during the day and when they get tired doing such, they’ll start teasing each other and it’s always Acey who’ll end up crying and defeated. And when I get home, usually before 6pm, my kids will immediately report to me what has transpired the whole day.

I’m lovin’ the moment when my kids would indirectly tell me how much they miss me through their actions. How excited they are to watch with me their favorite TV programs both from Kapuso and Kapamilya Network.

I believe this is the perfect time that I should devote time with my kids, play and discover many things with them, ‘coz sooner or later, wether I’m ready or not, they’ll have their respective friends to play with and talent to develop on their own.

As a mom, I will not force my son and daughter to excel academically, rather, I will support and guide them discern their God given talents. I will continue to inculcate in them the values that my parents taught me over the years.

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