Sunday, March 2, 2008

Highly Regarded New York Fashion Schools

Lately, I’ve noticed that some of our local celebrities would take a time out from their showbiz career to finish a short course abroad. Some would take up course in acting, others in fashion design like the sexy super heroine Angel Locsin did. For doing so, these showbiz personalities earned my respect because they give value to education, afterall, showbiz is not forever, they will always have a fallback.

Speaking of fashion designing, it is a plus factor if you graduate in a reputable school like Fashion Schools in New York. You can be assured that the latest craze in fashion design would originate in New York, this is why it was called the capitol of fashion design. It is every fashion designer’s here in the Philippines ultimate dream to step foot in New York Fashion School and finish a related fashion design course. If done, they become well known and personal favorite of prominent public figures both in showbiz and political world.

In New York Fashion Schools website, you’ll get informational lists of accredited fashion schools in New York, famous fashion designers and featured fashion articles. Moreover, said website will enrich your knowledge in the fashion industry, hence, will make you aspire more to enroll to one of their highly recommended fashion schools.

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