Friday, March 7, 2008

Way to go Ramiel!!!

I just read from Philippine Entertainment Portal that Ramiel Malubay, my best bet in the American Idol is still part of the Top 12 finalists despite a not so satisfactory performance for 2 consecutive weeks, based on the criteria of the three judges. And I am happy that Danny Noriega was booted out already. I dislike his attitude and facial expressions everytime he receives negative feedback especially from cruel judge Simon Cowell. However, I got disappointed to learn that Asia Eppherson, one of my favorites, who's as petite as Ramiel was also eliminated. I was touched to learn that a couple of days before her audition to American Idol, her dad passed away and so she sang "How Do I Live" especially dedicated to her father which made the female judge Paula Abdul too emotional.

I'm hooked to watching American Idol and I think I am right with my forecast that Ramiel will make it to as far as Top 6 but I have to admit that David Archuletta is a strong contender for the American Idol title.

I will absolutely watch the elimination tonight at 6pm.


Litzie said...

i sure hope she wins. we adore her and she is so proud to be a filipina... galing! she even knows how to speak tagalog. cool!

Etavasi said...

Nice Ramiele Malubay

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nelson said...

I have watched all her performances in the American Idol. It makes me proud to be a Filipino watching her... Go Ramielle!