Saturday, March 22, 2008

I love reading emails!!!

I regularly read Mina’s blog entitled 24 hour paradigm and got interested in one of her posts that talks about earning by reading emails. This is not a joke, in fact I registered with Hit$4Pay, got approved within the hour I signed up and received a $10.00 sign up bonus instantly, now my earnings continue to accumulate by simply reading emails.

In Hit$4Pay, you receive advertisements through emails and these emails are based on the categories you selected during the registration process, this way, you don’t read email just for the heck of it, Hit$4Pay ensures you’ll find the contents of the emails interesting and informative.

Interested? just click on this link

1 comment:

Portia said...

This is very good to have little bit of an income.
By the way, i added you already in my link,my friend.Thanks also for adding me.Take care always and goodluck!