Tuesday, March 25, 2008


There’s another way to increase your income by blogging and that is by signing up with Snapbomb. I learned about Snapbomb from my favorite blogger Alpha.

Snapbomb is committed & dedicated in helping advertisers promote their products and services and become known to many. It lets bloggers augment their earnings by writing about companies, events, products and services and get paid. Bloggers are also given the option to write something about non matched opportunities and in return they will get feedback ratings. Snapbomb connects advertisers and bloggers because word of mouth marketing is the most powerful and effective way of advertising.

As soon as you finish filling out the sign up form, your Snapbomb account is created instantly. You don’t have to wait for an email to confirm the status of your application. Moreover, you get your first assignment right away by sharing Snapbomb to your friends and fellow bloggers.

Join the world of blog advertising and create buzz about the things you love most.

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Prily said...

i will try this one next time,my friend.i just arrived here in scotland and still very tired.hehehe.
thanks for telling us about this new site as one way for us to get income.
Goodluck,my friend and wish you more income!