Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stress & Worry Free Vacation

My husband and I will celebrate our 10th year anniversary on October 27, 2008. When we chatted last time, we talked about how we plan to celebrate it. I ask him that we go to Boracay, the famous beach paradise here in the Philippines, just the two of us. But my husband would want to do it outside the country, simply because he wanted me to experience to ride a plane while traveling for several hours and understand the feeling to be in a foreign land. Isn’t that exciting?

As early as now I’m thinking how to go about the possible out of the country trip. I realized that aside from booking your flight, the next important thing to do before you travel is to make sure that you have a place to stay and chances are it’s going to be in a hotel.

While surfing the net, I chanced upon the website What’s amazing about is that they can find a place for you to stay during your vacation in almost any part of the world. They can arrange your accommodation if you plan to tour Europe, visit United States or explore Asia. Moreover, they have available toll free number that you can call to inquire about hotel reservations and possible hotel discounts or promos that you can avail of and you can be assured that a friendly and accommodating customer representative of will be on the other end of the line. Another interesting and exciting fact about is that, once your reservation is confirmed, they can also arrange a vehicle for you to pick you up from the airport to ensure that you reach the hotel without worry of getting lost. They have wide arrays of automobile you can choose from, luxury cars, convertibles, standard or full size.

With all the services HotelReservation offers, I'm pretty sure you have an impression it's expensive and will not afford it. This is absolutely untrue! In fact, it is disclosed in the website that if you book a "Special Internet Rate" and happen to find a lower rate in the same hotel, you can be guaranteed they will match the price or cancel your reservation without cancellation fee, now that's amazing!

Your travel will certainly turn out to be stress and worry free with


Roanne said...

Hello friend. Just be aware about the payment methods. When I took my last trip there to the PI, I booked some tours and stuff online and they were asking for a copy of my credit card (front & back) and a copy of my passport and/or driver's license. I was very hesitant to give them all that information because of the possibility of identity theft. Especially since I have a foreign passport. Instead, I made arrangements to pay as soon as I got there. Luckily, they allowed it. You will have to be careful with what information you give to people be it in person, over the phone or online. I've been victimized twice already. Once in the PI and once online. I did not release the information, it was stolen from me. So, if they ask for copies, think twice. Be careful and good luck in your search.

AiDiSan said...

Hi Roanne,

Thanks for the advice and tip, really appreciate it.