Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm Back To My Real World!

The training I attended for 5 weeks is finally over and I'm back in my department as QA Analyst.

I was on a graveyard schedule for the first 4 weeks of the training and it was pure classroom discussion and believe me, it wasn't easy listening to the instructor while you try to suppress yourself from sleeping. Your eyes maybe open but your brain is dreaming. I admire those peeps who prefer to work in the night schedule and remain active all throughout the shift. Funny thing is, everytime my classmates will caught me sleeping, they use their mobile phones to picture me. Sh*t, they have proof that I sleep while on duty...LOL.

The last week was spent for OJT. This time we should apply what we have learned while taking calls. I was a bit nervous with my first call but I easily got the hang of it. In fact in a short period of time, I became more confident talking to foreigners over the phone. I can easily comprehend them despite their accent.

I passed all levels of certification, so now, I am credible reviewing and monitoring calls of our agents. I'm now back to QA Department, my real world.


Imelda said...

Congrats, sister. Good luck to ur profession, it is such a tough job. TY for the visit.Stay beautiful, sis.

AiDiSan said...

Thanks Imelda, will visit your blog soon.

Have a meaningful Holy Week.

Yen said...

Congrats,sis! WOW! That must be awesome:) Btw, thanks for dropping by!