Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Big Love

I just got home very happy, why? Well, I watched “My Big Love” with my friend Josielyn. My shift today was from 5am ‘til 2:45pm. I’ve been bugging Josielyn to accompany me & watch the said film. Good thing her husband would permit her to go, especially when I’m her company.

I never failed to watch Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga’s movies, from “Your Are The One” to “You Got Me” to “ My Big Love”, all of them were blockbusters. The first 2 were directed by my favorite Cathy Garcia Molina. Sam Milby is a sweet hunk with irresistible smile while Toni Gonzaga is a consistent versatile actress. Surprisingly, this time in “My Big Love”, Sam & Toni kissed, ooops, it’s not a passionate kiss just a smack. If I were Toni, I wouldn’t mind have a torrid kissing scene with Sam, not at all…haha.

Kristine Hermosa was also one of the main characters and oh boy, she’s so pretty!!! I don’t like her as much as I like Toni, but her physical beauty is undeniable. She and Diether makes beautiful pair, they are just perfect for each other, so I think Oyo Boy should find someone else.

Going back to the movie, the story was about an obese played by Sam who fell in love with a beautiful girl (that’s Kristine) who is very conscious about her health and would always want to stay fit. When the 2 finally met, the girl was completely disappointed and the boy was hurt deeply with the reaction of the other party. Aira, played by Tony, on the other hand, was to the rescue. She urged Sam to avail of her services as personal fitness trainer and initially, Sam didn’t like the idea but later on, the two had fun with the fitness program and built a deep friendship until Toni has to leave for Japan for her personal goals. Sam continued the diet and fitness stuff until he became a cover boy. He & Kristine fell in love but when Toni came back from Japan, Sam realized that it is Toni who really makes him happy. As expected, it was a happy ending.

I will remember the 5 principles or values, whatever you call them that Toni, as personal fitness trainer, would inculcate to her trainees and they are the following:

1. Goal Setting.
2. Don’t start later or tomorrow, start NOW.
3. No shortcuts.
4. Be inspired.
5. Be happy.

I’ve been wanting to lose weight. I would start going to the gym but if I find an excuse to stop, I won’t have a second thought cease the diet or the program and I always fail, that’s probably because, I don’t have the 5 principles stated above. I wish the next time I decide to lose weight, I’ll keep in mind the 5 principles to keep me going.

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