Saturday, October 13, 2007

Blueberry Cheesecake

One of the favorite topic that my friends and I would discuss in group chat is FOOD. Each has her own specialty of recipe to share. I've given them my NO BAKE BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE recipe. Below is the list of ingredients needed and how to do it:



1 1/2 cup crushed graham honey (Php20.00)
1/2 cup butter (Php12.00)
2 tbspn white sugar

1 pack all purpose cream (Php28.00)
1 bar magnolia creamcheese (Php98.00)
1/2 cup condensed milk (small can) (Php18.00)
2 tabspn non flavored gelatin melted in 2 tbspn white or hot water (Php38.00)
can of blueberries (Php165.00 -you can make 3 9x9 cheesecakes w/ this can of blueberries)


Do the CRUST

Mix crushed graham, white sugar & melted butter. Then chill overnight.

Do the CREAM:

Beat all purpose cream until thick & fluffy. Set aside.
On a separate bowl, beat creamcheese, slowly add condensed milk, then add melted non flavored gelatin.
Fold in all purpose cream to the creamcheese mixture.
Pour the mixture to the crust. Then chill.
Top with blueberries.

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