Sunday, October 7, 2007

Lucky Day

Lucky Day

My hubby resigned from his previous company in Dubai Last June 2007 and came home in July of the same year because we planned that he move to Qatar to where my sister Que is currently working and residing. We thought there are better opportunities awaiting him in that country.

Prior to arrival of my husband from Dubai, I did a nine consecutive Fridays of prayers in APO chapel with a wish that John will be able to surpass the medical exam knowing his health condition. He has hypertension and used to take maintenance medicine. And that he may leave for Qatar as tourist without any problem and my wishes were granted.

He left for Qatar last September 25, 2 days after the first year death anniversary of his mom. 5 days later, he was called for an initial interview in the company that my sister is working for. Yesterday, I went to Apo chapel to pray that John maybe able to get a job at least before his tourist visa will expire. Today, John had a final interview with the General Manager of the company and HE GOT HIRED!. He signed the offer letter immediately after the interview which states the starting salary, benefits such as free accommodation and transpo and a promise of salary increase if John would perform his job above expectations.

I bet my husband would consider this day as one of his luckiest.

I thank the Heavenly Father for not failing me, for granting every little wish I ask from Him. For helping me out execute my goals little by little.

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