Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nestle Yogurt

I brought Acey to her pedia, Dr. Ayson today right after work, due to non stop cough. It’s actually her follow up check up last Thursday but since she was okay, we didn’t bother visting the doctor again. However, last Sunday, we went to my in laws to celebrate Feast of Kuliat, CJ and Acey liberally played with their cousins. They perspired and got exhausted especially Acey, so now the unwanted cough is back with vengeance.

While waiting for our turn, I’m craving for Nestle Yogurt. I bought this product five times already and have always choose strawberry flavor. Aside from the fact that it’s healthy, I love it’s creaminess and real fruit flavor...yummy!

As expected, Dr. Ayson prescribed anti biotic and cough suppressant. Acey won’t be attending school tomorrow for a full day rest so she can be physically & mentally prepared during exam on Thursday & Friday.

After the check up, we immediately proceeded to Manson Drug & Convenience Store to buy Acey’s medicine and Nestle Yogurt. Unfortunately, the yogurt inside the chillers were about to expire in 2 days. I didn’t get any even if I’m dying to have one for tonight. While I write this blog, I’m eating Moo Selecta ice cream that has the creamy & smooth taste of my beloved Nestle yogurt.

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