Friday, October 12, 2007

No Rice Diet

My college friends and I have been chatting online since last week. Ampy who's living in the states with her family will be arriving in December to attend the house warming of her sister. Upon learning this good news, Ezria who's working in Singapore decided to come home in the same month to spend Christmas with her daughters. We want to take this opportunity to have a get together. There's actually 6 of us in the group, Ampy, Ezria, Josielyn, Michelle, Marlyn and your's truly.

I don't want to attract the attention of my friends because of my size so now I'm pressuring myself to lose weight and look good which is why I started a No Rice diet since Oct. 06. So far so good and I think it's working. I eat anything and everything except rice. I eat ham and cheese sandwich or pandesal in the morning with a cup of coffee. I eat viand without rice, of course, or pasta or whatever is available in our canteen during lunch. And for my dinner, I'll have apple or oatmeal. A lot of people said it's difficult to get away with the staple food and I beg to disagree. I've proven it's all in the mind. There are many alternatives, you just have to get used to it, especially if you are like me determined to get slimmer in 2 months.

I knew two people who undergone No Rice diet and lost so much weight. It's not an overnight thing. It took them months or a year to eliminate the unwanted pounds but what matters most is the determination and discipline they inculcated and executed just to succeed in the end. They are my living proof and these people have inspired me without them knowing it.

There are so many diet pills that you can buy over the counter, not to mention, diet teas, some are cheap and most of them are expensive. Admittedly, I tried taking a diet pill which I don't even remember the name, recommended by an officemate, though, there were no harmful changes I've experience, still, I stop taking the pill for fear that it'll cause me side effects later on.

I'll stick on No Rice Diet and hopefully when I update you after 2 months, I already shed some pounds and feeling sexier and looking WOW.


Anonymous said...

dont you know "that no rice diet" also has side effect??? that diet is also known as Atkin's diet;it over works your kidneys and may lead to more serious renal problem.

Deborah Casaje said...

Well, that's technically correct, however, you can get carbohydrates elsewhere. You don't need to eat rice to get the recommended amount of carbs. She eats pandesal in the morning, which as you may or may not know, is bread. Bread is a form of carbs. So, pretty much, the world can do without rice. I just ate some, but after MY friends have done a no-rice diet and they look hecka great...I think I'll give it a try as well. Good luck, girl! You can do it!

-Deb, USA

Anonymous said...

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