Friday, February 29, 2008

Days Spent with Friends

My friends Josielyn and Marlyn visited me last Saturday, we want to watch BFGF but I have no one to leave my kids with ‘coz their nanny was on day off. So we decided to stay in our little apartment. At 11 am last Saturday, I took my kids to Robinson, they had lunch in KFC. Afterwards, we headed to Robinson supermarket and I bought chicken fillet and boneless bangus plus ingredients and some groceries. As soon as we got home, I cooked the chicken fillet with vegetable that I learned from blogger Bang, it was truly delectable while the boneless bangus were perfectly crispy. I’m done cooking at 2pm. It was Josielyn who arrived first and brought chocolate roll from goldilocks. Marlyn was an hour late, as usual. She bought watermelon and fresh buko. We enjoyed the food and ate too much as if there’s no tomorrow. Acey relished the food as well and didn’t leave the table ‘til it was empty. In short, we spent Saturday food tripping.

My friends and I decided that we still watch BFGF. Sunday is family day and my kid’s nanny was still on day off. So we chose to do it last Monday. I was at the meeting place at exactly 10am, that’s in Robinson mall in Balibago. After 5 to 10 minutes, the 2 girls arrived. Showing starts at 12nn so we were too early for the movie. We strolled around the mall, bought snacks, each took a bottled water, chips & chocolate bar. Then we went to SM Clark to watch BFGF. Cinemas in SM are open as early as 10am I think. When we got there, the movie was about to start.

My Best Friend Girl Friend is a typical feel good movie, we enjoyed it though. We adore the beautiful face of Richard Gutierrez. Marian Rivera was sexy in the said film. I just didn’t like the acting of Ellah Madrigal who played the role of Richard’s girlfriend. She was trying hard and unnatural playing the rich and strict GF to Richard. Anyways, the movie was entertaining.

After the movie, we had lunch in KFC. I tried their strawberry blizz but it wasn’t good. The additional 20 pesos I paid for that drink wasn’t worth it (lol). We finished lunch at 2pm and we’re still hyper to do something else, so we went to Parkson duty free. I bought unbelievably cheap toys for CJ & Acey. A battle bida man toy for CJ worth less than 30 pesos and Squirt stuff toy for Acey worth 80 pesos. While Josielyn and Marlyn purchased school bags for their kids, all on bargain too.

I got home at 5pm.

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