Tuesday, February 26, 2008

8 Random Facts about CJ & Acey

I got tagged by Yen.

1. His real name is Cerjan Latrell D. Santos. We got his second name from an NBA star.
2. CJ finished his pre school in Achievers and transferred in Mary Immaculate school which is several blocks away from where we live but I might transfer him back to Achievers.
3. He won the title Mr. Kindergarten during Achievers fest in October 2005.
4. He won best in costume when he joined the UN Parade in Mary Immaculate school in 2006. He was Mr.France then.
5. His favorite movie is Narnia.
6. He would either use his PS2 or play games online from cartoon network website 2 to 3 hours daily.
7. He’s hyperactive, affectionate and picky when it comes to food. Cowhead fresh milk is his favorite.
8. He treasure the celfone that his dad gave him last Christmas.

1. Her real name is Arabela Crystel D. Santos.
2. She’s now a nursery student in Achievers School and consistently belongs to top 10 in the class with an average grade of 91.
3. She eats anything, pork is her favorite.
4. Acey is obedient, studious and affectionate.
5. She loves make up and clothes.
6. On Fridays, she spent hours chatting with her Dada.
7. She treat her tito Clark her second dad.
8. She’s afraid of lizards.

I am now passing this tag to: Minette, Bang and HappyMommi


bang said...

i also tagged you with this. ;)

Anonymous said...

hahahah I love this Jo:) The best profile:)--mina

Something Purple http://www.mysomethingpurple.com said...

you have very witty kids!

Imelda said...

Sis, we are lucky to have kids like them, and they are lucky, too to have us as responsible and loving parents. Circumcision for CJ? Well, its a nice decision to wait till his father is back. That's what fathers are for . . . he he he