Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Business Assignment

I chatted for a few minutes with my friend Ezria today. We talked about how to start the business we plan to put up. Her Singaporean friend is now busy completing the shirt designs. I have successfully searched for someone to do the shirt printing while Josielyn is still in the process of looking for someone who can supply us the baby tee shirts because our target market are teenagers. Ezria has given me new assignment and it has something to do with acquiring original business trademark. I’m actually clueless on how to go about it but I’m thankful with internet, it’s helping me a lot.

Certainly, starting a business requires a lot of research, patience and hardwork but we're all willing to give it a try. I hope, pray & wish it will succeed and become fruitful.

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mari said...

hope your new business will work out well... tyaga lang talaga sa start :)

i hope you don't mind, I tagged you here: grab it anytime your free...

good luck sa business