Thursday, February 14, 2008

V Day!!!

It’s valentines day and I don’t have my husband to celebrate it with, he’s in Qatar remember? I planned to greet him via text around 12nn PI time (7am in Qatar) so after waking up and before heading to work, he’ll receive my valentine message for him ‘coz I know he’s busy working and he might forget that it’s hearts day but I was completely wrong! At 10:30 am PI time, I received a text from hubby, he greeted and reminded me that I will always be his great love no matter what.

John never failed to remember me whenever there are occasions such as valentines day. Years ago, I can vividly recall receiving inexpensive tofiluk chocolates for mothers day from John because at that time he was jobless. Really, it’s the thought that counts. John has proven to me many times how important I am to him. I always give him perfume as gift because it’s his weakness. He loves to smell good always.

If only John is here, I’ll either invite him to see a movie and dine out or cook him special meal.

To my fellow wives whose husband is just around the corner (lol), exert an effort to make this day truly special and remarkable for both of you.

So whether your inlove or loveless, happy valentines day!!!

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