Tuesday, February 5, 2008


My friends and I had a get together last December 27. Ampy arrived from the states. Josielyn, Michelle and I cooked dinner. Ampy made a special request of her favorite Filipino food so we cooked chicken & pork adobo, pinakbet, fried tilapia and ensaladang mangga…yummy! We forgot the blueberry cheesecake dessert ‘coz we were so eager to go to Spencer’s bar & resto for an all night sing a long in one of their KTV rooms. It was only Ezria who wasn’t able to come home for Christmas and attend our get together.

But I met Ezria yesterday while she waited for her turn in her OB gyne. While in Singapore where she is currently working, she was diagnosed to have myoma and she needed to undergo an operation. This is her primary reason why she’s home. She didn’t waste time to visit her OB Gyne for a second opinion. The same diagnosis was found and the same suggestion was made. Now she’s thinking when to have the operation. She can not file a leave for 2 months considering that she was just granted a week vacation for a check up but she needed the operation before her situation become worst. It’s really a dilemma on her part.

Josielyn arrived before Ezria finished talking to her OB Gyne. We headed to Robinsons in Balibago for a sumptuous lunch in Aling Lucing where the famous Kapampangan sizzling sisig is served. Afterwards, we went to SM Clark and had a light merienda in Go Nuts Donuts.We discussed about the business we plan to put up We had salacious conversation and we laughed all the time. We truly enjoyed the bonding and before I knew it, ‘twas past 5 in the afternoon already! We called it a day and I hurriedly went home. It’s the start of my graveyard shift. I relaxed for an hour, checked the assignment of my kids, then brought them to their lola before I headed to work.

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