Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

It’s my mom’s birthday today. I know she’s 60 plus years old and when I asked her this morning about her exact age, she just smiled at me. Indirectly telling me the famous “next question please” line when people doesn’t want to answer the question.

My sister who is now in Qatar told me to buy our mother bouquet of flowers and I bought Ube Walnut cake instead in Ala Crème cake & coffee house.

My mom is loving, caring, compassionate & kind.

Every morning before I head to work, I would go to my parent’s house (our apartment is one block away from their apartment) and have a short conversation with my mom.

My husband is working abroad but I never felt alone & helpless because I’m getting abundance of support from my parents especially my mom. My hubby is confident that me & our kids are in good hands.

My parents are renting an apartment and it’s only now they decided to have their own house. My brother and his family are living with them. I’m very excited for them. I make sure that I give my little contribution in the process of constructing their house. I showed my brother sites I visited showing floor plans of houses from various subdivisions just so he will have an idea. I also recommended an engineer who will produce the blueprint of the house and will lead the entire construction.

When we went to Manaoag, one of my prayers is that, may the dream of my parents to have their own house in a 300 square meter lot they owned may turn into realization. God indeed listened to my prayers.

I wish my mom good health so she will have many years to enjoy her new home.

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