Sunday, February 3, 2008

How's schooling?

I got Acey’s class card yesterday at the same time paid for their fieldtrip scheduled on February 07, 3 days before her birthday. She was able to maintain her high grades. She got 92 average and ranked 4 in their section. I’m so proud of my little girl.

As soon as she arrived home from school, she will do her assignment before anything else. She’s very responsible, affectionate and thoughtful.

I’ll be getting CJ’s classcard tomorrow morning since I’ll be on a graveyard shift for 6 weeks…OUCHHHH!!! He passed all his exams in all his subjects during their third periodical test except for Math. Still, I’m hoping he won’t have any failing grades. To help him, I got him a tutor and focused on the Math subject. The tutorial started two Saturdays ago. Last time, CJ showed me the assignment he accomplished to verify if the computation (division) was done right. Guess what? He was perfect!

I plan on enrolling CJ to KUMON this summer to better his Math skills while Acey will be taking music lesson. I want their summer to be as productive as possible.

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