Monday, February 11, 2008

Acey turned 5!

My little girl just turned 5 yesterday. Our original plan was to bring food for her classmates and teachers in their classroom supposedly today, but Acey changed her mind all of a sudden, fickle minded girl.

So yesterday, my mom and I cooked the usual birthday food like spaghetti, chicken, hotdogs on stick plus I bought yummy sansrival cake in goldilocks. I invited my in laws through text and I’m glad they arrived. Acey enjoyed her birthday celebration.

My hubby called in the morning to greet his angel and to find out what gift Acey would like to receive from him. After they talk, my husband instructed me to buy the guitar gift that Acey requested. Earlier, I went to SM Clark and bought a highschool musical guitar. I was eyeing for the Barbie guitar but the salesperson recommended the highschool musical guitar which is better and a little cheaper.

CJ saw the gift and he knew it was for Acey. He waited for his little sister and upon hearing the horn of the service, he hurriedly went out of the house to look for Acey and cheerfully handed the gift to her. As expected, Acey was delighted and thanked her brother. I’m touched with what I witnessed. Their love for each other is so pure and inspiring.

While I write this post, Acey is playing with her guitar and I can’t concentrate but its fine. She deserve to be happy and I want her to enjoy every little thing she receive.

I wish my little girl happiness and contentment. I want her to remember that she’s a gift from God to me & John.

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