Friday, February 1, 2008


My first post in this blog was about signing up for Pay Per Post and blog to earn money, however, it was disapprove since my blog was below 3 months old. Now that I've met the requirement, I resubmitted my application and I'm delighted to receive an email from PPP confirming that my application has been approved.

I learned about PPP by reading blogs of other people. I know they are happy with PPP because they highly recommend it to others. One of the bloggers mentioned that PPP's pay is higher which I think is true. I've used their contact support and swiftly got a reply from them. This only proves that your concern is their concern.

I'm serious about earning extra money by blogging. I want to improve my financial freedom. I want to be worry free while I send my kids to school. I want to be able to buy some stuff for myself such as digicam, branded shoes and appliances. The best part is, I can continue my current job while blogging. They always say you can not serve two masters at the same time BUT not in this case. You're not forced to sacrifice one thing for another.

I will certainly recommend PPP to other bloggers who haven't registered yet.

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