Monday, June 22, 2009

A productive & enjoyable Cebu Trip

It's been over a week since my trip in Cebu. I've been trying to find time to blog about it but I'm not yet in the mood to do so until tonight though I already uploaded the photos in my friendster account.Finally after more than 30 years, I experienced to ride a plane, FUNNY but TRUE. One thing I regret in my life is not giving myself a chance to tour the Philippines and perhaps visit other countries and get to know different cultures. As I have mentioned in my previous post, the fartherst place I've been to in the Philippines is Baguio. I frequent this place when I was still single while working for an insurance company. We hold our conferences usually in the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

Going to Cebu for a business trip is a big deal to me but I had second thought 'coz I worried about my kids and their schooling but I guess the Cebu trip is really meant for me. The start of classes was re-scheduled week after my Cebu trip due to rains and AH1N1 issues. Another thing, Pao was task to join me. Pao is a fellow Analysts and a friend. We love to eat, giggle & laugh loud. It's also Pao's first time in Cebu and ride a plane...hmmm, I smell adventure.

June 10 was the scheduled trip. The company driver dropped us off to NAIA at 6:30am but our flight is at 12:00nn. Yes, we patiently waited for almost 6 hours because we have no other choice. The company driver still have other employees to pick up from other branch of the company within Manila. We spent time talking, eating, roaming around the terminal as if it was a mall and taking power naps. We checked in our luggage at 10:am and at exactly 12nn we're off to Queen City of the South via Cebu Pacific flight 5J 567. I was feeling okay since the plane's take off and after it landed, that's something I like about myself, I don't get dizzy or feeling nauseaous everytime I travel, whether by land or by air. I'm just not so sure if it's an international flight at a minimun of 6 hours. However, my friend Pao had a migraine attack but it was for a short moment.

We arrived at Mactan airport 30 minutes earlier than expected. Good thing the hotel driver assigned to fetch us is already waiting for us. He drove us straight to the hotel. We had time to unpack our stuff and rest. It was graveyard shift for 2 nights in Cebu office. The QA talk which is our main purpose for going there was a success! Our office in Cebu City is located in IT Park near Waterfront Hotel and it's like Makati with buildings around and there are other establishments under construction. On the ground floor you will find Starbucks, Jollibee, KFC and the likes. You will go home empty pocket every payday if you don't know how to budget your money.

We didn't have time to visit the tourist spots in Cebu like Magellan Cross and the Sto Nino Church, it was purely business. We enjoyed the Ayala Center Cebu and have good meal in different restos inside, the yummy moments will never be forgotten. Of course, a trip to Cebu wouldn't be complete without going to Ta-boan to buy danggit, pusit and dried mangoes. We were warned by some fellow Analysts who did a QA talk in Cebu prior to us to go to Ta-boan before taking a bath. We also brought home lechon Cebu for our family.

On our way home (still via Cebu Pacific), there are so many expats in the same flight and I noticed one female attendant being extra nice & attentive to foreigners. Also, I'm a bit disappointed instead of giving free snacks to passengers, the attendants will roll the cart and sell breads, chips & drinks with 100% mark up value...goodness!!! We landed in DMIA (Diosdado Macapagal International Airport) in Clark. It was a super safe trip.

The travel and visit to Cebu was an experience and I'm glad to share that with a good friend Pao. The trip de stressed and rejuvenated me. Hopefully there will be next time.


nelson said...

wow i'd love to go to cebu. i havent been there...

Ria said...

It's so nice to know you had a wonderful trip in Cebu. I miss the place. Last time I have been there was 12 years ago... God Bless!

Cyra Miles Valdez said...

It is always great to travel.. hope you learn few bisaya words in Cebu.. LOL!

Lisa said...

I haven't been to Cebu and I wanted to visit the place. How long is the flight from Clark to Cebu?

shen said...

i have been there last 11th of november.! yeah!! it's a nice a place. Not just, because of my both parents are from there but i experienced the ambiance of the place.. Lovely!! =) Hope to read more from u..